RUSH: Suing Obama Could Be A Disaster

RUSH: Now, back to all of this business here, the Republicans and their immigration bill — and they’ve got another bill, their suing-Obama bill.  That could be a disaster if it ever got anywhere, you know why?  Are you in favor of that bill?  Are you in favor of suing Obama? (interruption) In the first place, the so-called conservative justices on the Supreme Court have already ruled that Congress cannot sue Obama for not enforcing the law.  It would be a waste of time.

But what are they suing him for? 

They’re suing him for not enforcing the law.  What is the law that he hasn’t enforced?  Well, the big one’s Obamacare. So it could be said that the Republicans are suing so that Obama will fully implement Obamacare.  Is that what we want?  I mean, if you’re going to sue a guy for not enforcing the law, and the big thing is Obamacare, and you want him (as a result of your lawsuit) to be forced to enforce the law, then I don’t even know if they’ve thought about this. 

The result could well be that their (snort) lawsuit could force the (chuckles) full implementation of Obamacare. (interruption) Well, no. The lawsuit? It’s about all the executive actions, executive order. It could well be that they may not have thought this through.  You’re asking me, “Is the real purpose of this, that?” You’re thinking once again they’re just trying to do this for show, to send a message, to say, “Hey! Hey, we’re tough on Obama. Hey, we’re going to hold him accountable. He’s not going to get away with anything. Look, we’re going to sue the guy,” and just let it end with that?

Again, just like the immigration bill.

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