RUSH: STUNNING! HUGE ‘See, I Told You So’: Football Is In It’s Last Days

RUSH: I don’t remember when exactly it hit me that football, as it’s played today, is in its last days.  It was recently, of course, but I can’t pinpoint the exact date.  I forget what it was, even, that alerted me to this.  I think it was cumulative events, series of events, that led me to an instinctive conclusion.  And it is happening, and it’s happening at a more rapid rate than even I expected it to happen. 

It is happening almost exactly as I predicted it.  This is a huge See, I Told You So.  I want to read to you first from Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe yesterday.  Now, who is Bob Ryan?  You sports fans know that Bob Ryan is the dean, the current dean of sportswriters in Boston, at the Boston Globe.  He is a revered figure in the sportswriter community.  He appears frequently on all of the ESPN sportswriter shows.  He appears on Around the Horn.  He is a go-to commentator for anything happening in Boston, be it with the Patriots or the Red Sox or the Celtics or the Bruins.

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