RUSH: Sports Media Are Trying To Do To The NFL What News Media Did To Nixon

RUSH: Now, I want to build up on Todd from Toledo, our last caller. He said that sportswriters today are not writing “like men,” and he’s comparing it to sportswriters of days gone by. His basic point was that he believes that the sports media is as cowed as anybody else by political correctness and fear, and they’ve got to write a certain way to keep their jobs and so forth.

I just want to stress again that that is not the case. There’s a very good analogy to explain the sports media today, and I’ve said this in numerous ways in an attempt to have my opinion understood, ’cause that’s what I’m into. I’m a primo communicator here, and I keep sticking to it ’til I’m convinced people understand what I’m trying to say. What we’re looking here is the sports media flexing its muscles.

The sports media is attempting to demonstrate its power to change things, to move people, both people in a particular business (the NFL in this case) and public opinion. The sports Drive-Bys are trying to do to the National Football League what the news Drive-Bys did to Nixon. They are trying to demonstrate their power. They are trying to show that they can change the game and the attitudes that accompany the game.

Both by players, coaches, owners, and fans. The same way they think they changed the presidency and politics in general. Watergate for a journalist — sports, entertainment, food, you name it, Watergate — is the seminal moment. Before that it was Vietnam. Watergate. They took down a president, they think. It’s not me asserting it. They believe it. Woodward and Bernstein? Gods! 60 Minutes, a close second.

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