RUSH: SEX ROBOTS Are Going To Replace Asking A Woman Out On A Date

RUSH: But it has genuinely been accepted human behavior over the course of millennia that men chase women. Correct? Nothing wrong with that. Men face a lot of rejection. Women have to get good at doing it.

Woody Allen said, “The only difference I’ve noticed about success is being rejected by a higher class of woman. That’s all success has meant to me.” Yes, there are women who pursue men. I know this. But the general rule of thumb has been that it’s men who propose, men who ask women out on dates. The question is this: If the politicization of male-female relationships continues on its present path, and if men become afraid of even that behavior, if simply asking for a date is considered stalking or is considered harassment — and don’t think it can’t get there.

We’re on that path now. Then what happens? What do men do? Rather than run the risk of being accused of being a stalker or harasser? Because, look, sometimes you have to ask a woman out four times before she’ll say “yes.” In the old days — right, Snerdley? — sometimes it took more effort than that. What if the second time is considered stalking? What if the third time is considered harassment? So what are men gonna do if they decide, “Okay, screw it! I don’t even want to run the risk, and so they stop the pursuit?” The healthy pursuit, I mean.

What happens? Do women pick up the slack? Does it become acceptable for women to then become the, shall we say, aggressors, the person of action in a couple scenario like this? I don’t know. I have no answers to this. I could guess. But men are amazingly adaptive. Men want to be around women and will do whatever it takes to succeed. They will fake being pro-choice, for example, like in Hollywood. They’ll totally lie about it. They will say, “Oh, yeah, man! I would love to go to the museum and look at elephant tusks.” They’ll do anything, if they really want to be with a woman.

So what’s the adaptation gonna be if even the slightest approach or bit of attention runs the risk of a stalking charge or an harassment charge? Back off! Don’t do it. Find some other way. (Hello, Playboy magazine? I don’t know.” And maybe nothing. I mean, I could be, you know, exaggerating this to the point none of this is gonna happen.


RUSH: I tell you what’s gonna happen. If asking a woman out on a date becomes sexual harassment or stalking, I tell you what’s gonna replace that: Sex robots. There are already stories of sex robots that are out there and being tested and supposedly enjoyed. Don’t laugh, folks. People are very creative and resourceful when it comes to sex.


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