RUSH: Russia Collusion HOAX Is Now Getting People SHOT

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RUSH: Look. This is admittedly a protracted, elongated way of explaining to you that I never believed any of this. And those of you who are regular listeners know. And it’s important for me to say this before getting into what I have discovered here and found is astounding. I never for a fleeting moment — I don’t know how else to say this — I never believed any of this crap that the Russians colluded with Trump, colluded with Flynn, Sessions, anybody. I never believed a scintilla of the charge that the Russians had anything to with the outcome of our election.

I never disputed that they were trying. They always try. Everybody’s always trying to influence the outcome of elections. Some people hack; some people try to hack. But I never believed for a moment — and, my friends, what I have discovered here is that there are a lot of people on our side of the aisle who are just now beginning to consider that it’s all been a lie. There are people on our side who have apparently believed some of this to one degree or another. I don’t know if they’re Never Trumpers or Trumpists. I don’t know.

What’s astounding to me is that there are apparently a lot of people on our side who believed that Trump might have cheated, that the Russians might have tried to deny Hillary Clinton, that the Russians might have succeeded. And that all these hearings and all this news, there might be a grain of truth to it. And I have never believed it for a moment. There’s another reason I’ve never believed it. The people pushing it, Obama embeds, the media, liberals everywhere, Democrats. I haven’t believed a word of it because of those making the charge.


RUSH: Folks, look, this hoax is now getting people shot. I guess that is one of the bottom  lines for me. This is a pure hoax. It has been manufactured out of whole cloth with planted evidence that they can’t even sell. And now people are getting shot because of it, largely, I mean it’s very likely.



RUSH: It’s ASTOUNDING That Some People On Our Side Believed The Russia Collusion Charge

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