RUSH: Romney Can Win If There’s Not A Black Guy On The Ballot

RUSH: You want to know the Romney story?  You want to know what I think about the Romney story?  You know what the Romney story is?  He’s back. He may run again.  Oh, yeah, he’s on the campaign trail and the subtext of the Romney story is he can win this time if there isn’t a black guy on the ballot.  That’s what nobody’s saying, but that’s the subtext.  That the only reason Romney lost is ’cause he couldn’t win. There was a black guy running for reelection. There was no way the country was gonna send the first black president packing. 

That’s not why.  People are looking at this the wrong way.  Mitt Romney is a fine man.  Mitt Romney may be one of the most decent people you’ll ever run into.  But folks, with the economy as bad as it was, with Obamacare ticking time bomb that it was, if the Republicans nominate somebody that forced four million Republicans to sit home and not vote in this climate, why in the world are they thinking of doing it again?

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