RUSH: Robert Mueller Thinks He’s The Most POWERFUL Man In America

RUSH: Matthew in Plainview, Long Island. It’s great to have you on the program. How are you doing?

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you doing?

RUSH: Just fine, sir.

CALLER: I just wanted to ask you one simple question: Do you think Robert Mueller is now the most powerful man in America?

RUSH: I think he thinks so.

CALLER: (laughs) Well, from my point of view, he’s got an investigation where he’s allowed to pick and choose who he prosecutes. He has the ability to investigate anyone he sees fit. It’s unconstitutional. There are no parameters or restrictions.

RUSH: Well, no. Look, I get your circumstance. Traditionally, it’s the president who is considered the most powerful man in the free world and maybe the whole world.


RUSH: But now you’re talking about a guy who thinks — and a lot of other people think — that he holds Trump’s presidency in the palm of his hand, which may mean this guy’s got more powerful than Trump. However, Trump can fire this guy. Trump can pardon Flynn and he can fire this guy. He can fire anybody he wants. I can do it. Now, there would be political consequences maybe. But he could still do it. So when it comes down to real raw power, Trump still has it.


RUSH: But if he’s made the decision not to fire Mueller for whatever reason, Mueller may think he holds Trump’s presidency in the orifice of his choice.

CALLER: (silence)

RUSH: Hello? Testing, one two… Did our caller drop off?

CALLER: Hello?

RUSH: Yes. You’re there. What’s your reaction to what I just said? That’s why you’re here.

CALLER: I agree with you, but his one objective — which is set by the Democrats, the deep state, the swamp — is to, at a bare minimum, get Trump impeached. The real objective is they want to see him carried out in cuffs.

RUSH: Oh, I think if they could do that — if they could send him to jail, put him in the dock — yeah. None of that would surprise me.


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