RUSH: Republicans Are Softening The Blow Of ObamaCare

RUSH: One thing the Republicans are doing is, they are softening the blow of Obamacare by offering a change in the impact of Obamacare on small businesses. Now, the original Republican hatemonger, Abraham Lincoln (Remember him?) said, “The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly,” which this one has not been. This one has yet to be fully implemented, by design, so that you don’t know how bad it is until it’s too late to vote the people out of office who did it to you.

So the Republicans decided to soften the blow while leaving it intact. Drudge reported that, and Boehner said, “We didn’t soften the blow! We didn’t expand Obamacare! We repealed a piece of it.” So it’s an argument of semantics going on, but the bottom line is that what the Republicans want to do if they succeed with it would be to soften the blow of Obamacare, which is not a good idea, unless you think it isn’t gonna get repealed.

If you’re the Republicans and you think it isn’t gonna get repealed and your objective is to make it the least damaging you can, then of course, you do what they did. But if you think you’re still gonna try to repeal it, you don’t make it more appealable. That’s just me, and I’m just the guy on the radio.

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