RUSH: RAP Culture Is Oriented Around Hating Cops

RUSH: Rap culture is oriented around hatred of the cops.  I understand that.  I’m not talking about people like that.  But because of rap culture, I think those same people that I’m talking about, do not know how automatically and as a matter of routine, certain young people hate the cops and taunt them and provoke them and test them and so forth.  I think being a cop’s one of the most dangerous things in the world you can do today.  Because in our politically correct culture, as this myth making in St. Louis shows, the cop, by the time the media gets hold of this, if it fits their template, the cop’s guilty before the facts are in.  The cop’s gonna be convicted and they’re gonna keep pounding this in the media, and if they do it long enough before the facts are revealed, the facts are not gonna be enough to overturn public opinion that’s been set in.

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