Rush On Fire: Worse Than An Apology Tour. Obama Went Around The World And Indicted America

RUSH: It was outrageous that he would say this. He’s over at the seat of our enemies. Cairo, Egypt, is where Al-Qaeda was born! Well, Saudi Arabia for bin Laden, but Zawahiri and all these guys and the hijackers were Egyptian, many of them Saudi. What…? He goes over there and promises to close Gitmo. He accepts every talking point that we were guilty. We had no reason to go into Iraq.

Our previous cowboy president went in there as a matter of “choice” for whatever ill-gotten reasons. He says we acted “contrary to our traditions and our ideals” when we did not act contrary to our traditions and our ideals. We were acting in defense of US national interests! Romney was exactly right. He didn’t hit him hard enough on this stuff. This was worse than an apology tour. This man went around the world and indicted this country, and he wasn’t through.

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