RUSH: Obama’s Plan Is To End Up With Single-Payer Health Care System

RUSH:  Now, let me, ladies and gentlemen, offer a counter theory to my just-explained flawless theory, because there is another possibility.  Do you remember in the debates when Romney said to Obama, “Why do you always pick losers?”  He was talking about Obama’s green tech choices, like Solyndra, all of the wind and solar energy companies that Obama chose to give money to that went belly up, and they all did.  They all went belly up.  And Obama, as a side note, ended up getting some of that money back because those people then became donors.  They all got rich, but the companies went belly up.  Romney was talking about Obama’s green tech choices, but you know it’s true about everything Obama does.

This is just a counter theory, a countervailing theory.  With incompetence, every now and then you would get something right.  But Obama never does.  I’m not talking about legislation.  I’m talking about when Obama attempts to take over something in the private sector on the theory that he knows better or that he’s in touch with the future and he’s gonna move us forward, everything he picks goes belly up.  Obama, Sebelius, Pelosi, Reid, they have all talked about their desire to go to a single-payer system.  And I’m telling you, that’s where Obama is confident this is gonna end up.  That’s why he doesn’t care about any of this minutia.  It is why he doesn’t give a darn about it because he knows where it’s gonna end up, and what if that, as I’ve even said so myself on previous programs, is not the plan? 

Now that the government is legally in charge of health care, what’s so bad about it screwing up so bad, so much, that people demand it be simplified?  And what would simplify it?  Get rid of these insurance companies, for God’s sakes, that’s where all the confusion is. You have this company here and that policy there and this deductible over here. Just get rid of that, let the government do it.  What if that’s what’s going on?  It could very well be, ’cause you know they all want single payer.  And Obama has told his union buddies it’s gonna take five, 10, maybe 15 years to get there, that the American people wouldn’t accept it if it were just legislated on ’em, but if they end up demanding it out of a mess like this, that’s what they’re gunning for.

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