RUSH: Obama’s Fury Doesn’t Fix Anything

RUSH: That’s right, folks, you remember how furious Obama was when he learned about Benghazi, and look how that’s turned out.  You remember how furious he said he was when he heard about the IRS scandal and what those rogue agents in Cincinnati were doing.  And look how that’s turned out.  There’s no reform, is there?  None of this has ever been addressed or fixed. It doesn’t have to be, because all that has to happen is the low-information voters are told Obama is livid, how could this happen?  And, boy, whoever didn’t tell him this was going on, their heads are gonna roll.

The thing to take away from this, I mean, if you want to treat this VA thing seriously, this is exactly where we’re all headed.  This is what Obamacare’s gonna be for everybody. The VA is just one small bureaucracy. Veterans Administration, medical benefits, care, treatment and so forth for a finite number of Americans, veterans, they can’t even do that.  Forty of them died on a special waiting list in Phoenix just waiting for an appointment for a doctor.  This is where Obamacare’s headed.  There isn’t any evidence to the contrary, in fact, anywhere, that any bureaucracy runs what it oversees or regulates any better than the people that actually know that business in the private sector run it.  There’s no evidence of this ever.  This is what’s so flummoxing about people’s requests or demands that government fix the problems they make, they create, they cause.

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Obama Is Mad As Hell [VIDEO]

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