RUSH: ObamaCare Is A Giant Goody Bag For Unmarried Women

RUSH: Look, the reason I wanted to take old Quentin’s call is because I’ve got some exit poll data from the Virginia race. Listen to this.

In practically every category, Cuccinelli swept McAuliffe except unmarried women. Here are the numbers. According to the exit polls, Cuccinelli defeated McAuliffe among married women 51 to 42%, and the Libertarian placeholder there took 7% of married women. Cuccinelli also defeated McAuliffe among married men 50 to 44%, and the Libertarian took 6%. So, according to the exit poll, Cuccinelli was the clear winner among married people.

He defeated McAuliffe 50 to 43% in the married-people demographic. “However, McAuliffe won a landslide among unmarried Virginians, 62 to 29%.” That is huge. And, he was especially big with unmarried women, defeating Cuccinelli 67 to 25%, in unmarried women. Quentin is exactly right. Unmarried women are looking at government for everything, and when unmarried women look to government for everything, they find Democrats.

I don’t think this is uncommon in Virginia. I think it’s probably gonna be pretty true nationwide, and he’s right. Obamacare is a giant goody bag for unmarried women. The whole thing. Remember that Julia commercial where this single woman is born to indentured servitude, has her little three-foot-square garden in the back of her little 800-square-foot studio apartment, and she’s got two or three flowers, and she goes through life with government providing everything?

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