RUSH: Obama Thinks His Historical Legacy Will Be His Handling Of Economy

RUSH: For crying out loud, did you see Obama has decided — now stop and think of this for a second, folks.  Obama has decided that his historic legacy as president is going to be his handling of the economy.  Now, when you hear that, I know full well what your reaction is.  Is that really what he thinks his big achievement has been?  What about Obamacare?  What about immigration?  What about foreign policy?  I mean, he gets the Nobel Peace Prize.  What about all these things that he was elected to do? 

I saw somebody on TV saying — or maybe I was reading it. It was a leftist and they were proclaiming their disappointment in Obama and their reason why they think he’s a failure.  And the reason was he was going to unite everybody.  This is what this guy said, might have been a woman, I don’t know.  Everything’s jumbled together because I’ve been in a pressure cooker all morning.  I didn’t know it, but I apparently was. 

Anyway, this guy was going on and on about how, yeah, this is a dismal failure. He was going to unite us. He was going to change Washington. He said that’s what all of us that voted for Obama really thought he was going to do. He was going to get rid of the partisanship.  He was going to cross the aisles and everybody was going to be happy Kumbaya. 

I could have told him the exact opposite was going to happen as it has.  But nevertheless, in his mind that’s why Obama is a failure.  But you have Obamacare, the failure to unite Washington, the failure to change our politics, the failure to make the world love us or what have you.  So it’s come down to this.  Obama has decided that the economy’s going to be his legacy, his handling of the economy.  And there’s an article on this in the Hill., and it’s not the Onion.  It’s a real story.  It’s not a satire piece. 

Never mind that Obama has given us the worst economic recovery from a recession probably in our history and that’s assuming that we have even recovered.  I can’t believe what I’m holding here in my formerly nicotine stained fingers.  I’ve got an AP story here that I really don’t believe that I have.  AP actually has released a report that contrasts the view of a robust, roaring economy and recovery with the fact that there aren’t any high paying jobs to be found.

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