RUSH: Obama Should Be Taking Leave Of Absence Over ObamaCare Fraud

RUSH:  You know, just to show you how our sense of proportion is all out of whack, let me ask you: What is worse, Lara Logan’s report on Benghazi, or Obama lying and destroying health care in America?  Who should be taking a leave of absence?  If you ask me, Lara Logan is a piker compared to what Obama has done.  There ought to be marches in the streets over this.  I don’t know that there won’t be, either, when the time comes, as more people are affected by this.  This is just entirely outrageous, the scope of this lie.

 It was strategic, it was purposeful, it was intentional fraud on an entire country, if you boil it down. Like Snerdley’s in there trying to define who Obama hates and doesn’t hate.  I can help you out here, Snerdley.  If you worked hard and earned your money, Obama hates you.  If you were born to it or if you’re an athlete or if you’re a Wall Street fat cat, he loves you and wants to be one of you.  He’d love to pal around with Michael Jordan, Ahmad Rashad and take your pick, any of the Hollywood types.

A Wall Street fat cat at Martha’s Vineyard over the summer? Hell, yes! Any day.  But he hates rich doctors. I’m telling you, he despises rich doctors.  Obamacare targets them.  If Lara Logan wants to take a leave of absence, shouldn’t Obama? You know, Obama didn’t just commit fraud on Obamacare.  What about Benghazi?  He lied about that, to kick it past the elections.  I mean, I can give you countless reasons why Obama ought to be taking a leave of absence, in a real world situation. 

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