RUSH: Obama Saying “You Iraqis, You’re On Your Own”

RUSH: President Barack Obama, shortly before the program began, made some remarks on Iraq before getting on a helicopter and going somewhere. I want to summarize for you, before playing the actual sound bites. I want to tell you what he said. It’s real simple. (impression) “You Iraqis, you’re on your own. We’re not gonna help. Well, we might, but I’m not gonna think about it ’til Monday, and you might not be here by Monday. It’s up to you.”

That’s what he said. He said, “Look, it’s up to them. We’re not sending troops in there. We might do something, but I’m not gonna figure out what it is. I’m not gonna make a decision on what it is until Monday.” He’s not even gonna consider a drone strike until Monday. “But, look, you Iraqis, it’s your problem. It’s up to you.” Here’s the actual couple of sound bites. Here’s the first one.

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