RUSH: Obama Rodeo Clown ‘Nothing More Than An Event To Advance The Democrat Agenda’

RUSH: This clown incident is nothing more than the latest effort, opportunity, of the left and the Democrat Party to advance their agenda.  Part and parcel of that agenda is tarring and feathering their opposition, mischaracterizing them, impugning them, discrediting them.  So the clown in this instance is any Republican candidate for any office, or a radio talk show host, or whatever the left designates the clown to be. 

The whole event here is nothing more than an eagerly accepted, happily accepted event to advance the Democrat agenda.  They’re not really outraged.  They’re not really upset.  They’re not. They know exactly what this presents them. While at the same time, if somebody sat down and explained to them what clown acts at rodeos are all about, they wouldn’t get it, wouldn’t hear about it, wouldn’t want to hear about it, wouldn’t want to report the truth because that’s not the point. 

This incident fits an ongoing, never-ending narrative that the left and the Democrat Party have established, and it fits that mold, and it’s used for that purpose.  All the while, people who really know what’s going on don’t have the courage to stand up and defend this because… Well, it’s sad.  You can’t really blame ’em.  What are they gonna do?  You see the whole country aligning against you and what do you do? The path of least resistance is to tuck your tail between your legs and go away and hope people forget you and it, “the incident.”

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