RUSH: Obama Opened Up Expansion Of Government, But NOT The Economy

RUSH: Now, folks, there’s one thing here that I need to point out. There hasn’t been any major legislation that you would think would have any impact on the economy. And yet, there are several aspects of the economy which are growing left and right, and Trump went through some of the reasons last night. He didn’t sign on to Trans-Pacific Partnership. He did okay the Keystone pipeline and the other pipeline. There have been all kinds of new jobs.

We got more jobs coming downtown pike with Foxconn building the factories they’re gonna build in southeastern Wisconsin. Today two automobile manufacturers from Japan announced they are going to open new plants in the United States. Trump taking us out of the Paris climate accords. There have been a number of steps regarding regulation and other things that the president has been able to do by way of executive action and executive order, which have resulted in already measurable economic growth.

And it is happening. And as you heard Jim, our first caller, say, “You can feel it. You can sense it.” You always can. When there is real economic growth, you can sense it and feel it. In the meantime, have you heard what they’ve done in California? “California Has Ordered ICE Agents Out of Their Offices.” The State of California has told agents from immigration control to get the hell out of their offices in the State Department capitol of Sacramento and elsewhere. They haven’t kicked them out of the state.

They’re just saying we don’t want you anywhere near us, get out of these offices. They are in open defiance of federal law when it comes to sanctuary cities and immigration, open defiance of federal regulation. Just like many inside the Beltway are in open defiance of the presidential election last November. But the economy is ticking up, and Trump is the reason why. There is economic growth. It’s outpacing anything Obama ever did.

The Drive-By Media has stories, “Ah, you can’t give Trump any credit. Why, this is six months in, you can’t credit him. If anybody, Obama should get the credit because it’s his policies that are still having sway over the economy.” It’s BS. Obama didn’t do one thing to open up the expansion of our economy. Obama opened up the expansion of our government, but not the expansion of the private sector economy.

The unemployment numbers today, U.S. hiring maintains strong pace, jobless rate ties 16-year low at 4.3%. The July unemployment rate matched May’s reading as the lowest since 2001. And the U.S. economy added 209,000 net jobs in July, beating expectations by more than 25,000 jobs. We’re still not where we should be on that. Job creation must accelerate if we are to gain the ground we lost during the so-called Great Recession of 2008 and the first four years of the Obama administration.


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