RUSH: Obama Knows That What He Believes Is A Minority Position

RUSH: There’s a new Gallup poll out, and Obama is in free fall.  Thirty-nine percent job approval.  That’s down three points from yesterday.  I don’t have enough in front of me to know why, if it even explains the specifics of the poll, or if it’s just a rolling day to day public opinion approval poll. But at any rate, down to 39%, in free fall. 

But, you know, he doesn’t care.  He’s never cared.  This has been my point all along.  My point, Obama has known from the first moment he thought about being president, he’s known — don’t doubt me on this — he knows that what he believes and thinks is a minority position in this country.  It is very important that you understand this.  I don’t mean to sound like I’m preaching.  I’m trying to be intense to be persuasive here.  He knows, the left knows, that they are a minority position.

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