RUSH: Obama Gonna Go For As Powerful A Leftist Justice As He Can Get

RUSH: The fact that Scalia is now gone, to replace Scalia with a moderate, with somebody that might go either way just to satisfy, just to get a justice on the court, no way.  Obama’s gonna do whatever he has to, using any trick he’s got, and he’s gonna be guided by his years of experience with the Republicans pretty much laying down.  He’s gonna go for as powerful a leftist justice as he can get.  This is it.  This is where you overturn the Second Amendment, folks.  This is where you use the government to get rid of the parts of the Constitution holding you back.  This is it.  They’re not gonna compromise on this just to get the court back to a capacity of nine.  And that’s all anybody needs to know here.

You can overanalyze this from now until this is all done.  But that’s gonna be Obama’s objective going in. And the Republicans’ objective had better be to stop it. And the Republicans had better realize they are fully within their constitutional rights and powers to stop it.  There’s nothing in Article 2 that says the president is guaranteed to get his confirmation.  There is nothing in there that says the Senate must fill the court up to nine.  They can leave it at eight if they want to.  Congress defines the courts.  It’s there in the Constitution.

Now, the left and their voters don’t look at this like that at all.  This is way, way above them.  To them it’s simply a matter of fairness and equality.  And the rules say there are nine, and the president gets to put on who he wants, and anybody that stands in the way needs to be destroyed, and the president gets what he wants. And anybody that doesn’t let the president have what he wants is in violation of something, and they’re gonna be targeted to be destroyed or what have you.

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RUSH: Obama Going To Try To Get The Most COMMITTED LEFTIST On The Supreme Court


Rush Limbaugh Remembers Justice Antonin Scalia

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