RUSH: Obama Gets A Mulligan On Statements On Downed Plane In Ukraine

RUSH: Now, we have the call from Robbie proving, in a way, my point that we live now in a world that has somehow been given over to moral equivalence.  Why is everybody criticizing our wonderful president?  It’s only an hour after the thing happened, we don’t know anything, and the president’s out there.  Robbie, the president, in that flubbed first attempt at sincerity, said Russian invaders did it.  In his thing last Friday he said that we knew who did it.  So we didn’t need to send NCIS over or the FBI. 

But the thing is, he got a mulligan today because he was not able to fake the sincerity on Friday.  Remember during the 2004 presidential campaign, CBS did an interview with Kerry, John Kerry — served in Vietnam, by the way — that was so bad, CBS gave him a do-over, and the tape of the reporter leaked out.  “Senator Kerry, you want to give that another go?”  He so flubbed up an answer, I forget what it was about.  So Obama got a mulligan today.

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