RUSH: Obama Agrees That California, New Mexico, Arizona Are Not Ours, They Belong To Mexico

RUSH: Okay, folks, here is what Obama means by sovereignty, imposing our sovereignty. Do you want to know what it means? Get ready. What he means is America is imposing our sovereignty by asserting that Southern California and other parts of the southwest United States are part of America. La Raza and other Mexican groups have never consented that Southern California is America, and Obama’s essentially agreeing with that.

When he says that we’re imposing sovereignty on Mexico, what Obama’s essentially saying is he agrees with them that California’s not ours, that parts of New Mexico and Arizona are not ours. They belong to Mexico. That’s what the president of the United States just said this morning to Mexican students. Now, where is he? He’s in Mexico. He’s in Mexico City, at the Anthropology Museum, speaking in stereotypes, which is what he does.

He creates all these straw men.

In his case, it means attacking America.

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RUSH: Obama Apology For America Imposing Its Sovereignty On Mexico Is A HUGE ‘Dog Whistle’

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