RUSH: ‘NUTJOB’ Melissa Harris-Perry Oughta Be FIRED For INSANE Tirade That Darth Vader Is RACIST

RUSH: And you have nut jobs like Melissa Harris-Perry or whatever her name is on MSNBC.  You know, she’s a professor at Wake Forest, and do you know her latest tirade?  Get this.  Darth Vader is racist because he’s all black!  The character wears black — black helmet, black cape, black boots — and it’s a subtle message that black people are evil, mean, murdering killers.

She’s dead serious about it, folks, and she’s on a tirade.

RUSH: She’s on MSNBC talking about it. But worse than that, she’s a professor at Wake Forest.  She “went into a mini-rant about racism in Star Wars as she complained about villain Darth Vader being ‘totally a black guy’ when he was ‘cutting off white men’s hands’ who did not ‘claim his son,’ but then became a white man after he ‘claims his son and goes over to the good.'” This is sick.  This is literally mentally unstable sick.  This woman’s a college professorette.  She has a TV show.  She’s talking about a freaking cartoon, a movie, Star Wars.

(interruption) Darth Vader starts out as menacing; he’s went over to the dark side, of course, of the force. He’s a… (interruption) “Well, but he started out as a white guy.” That’s right. He’s a white guy and gets corrupted. What does that mean? He goes black, all black, and when he’s all black he’s a murderous, deadly, heartless, cold mean-spirited thug who even tries to wipe out his own son. But at the end of one of the movies, Darth Vader sees the light the black helmet comes off and we find out he’s a white guy underneath all the black, says Melissa Harris-Perry.

And that means he becomes white when he wants to become a good guy again and reclaim his son, and this is an example of racism in popular culture, she says.  This is insanity! This is the kind of thing that ought to get her fired, this is so irresponsible. (interruption) Damn straight, it should.  Why are you looking at me that way?  I know she’s got tenure; can’t be fired.  This principal at this public school in New York?  This is not just the War on Christmas.  There is a war on America being engaged in by the American left.

It’s not new.

It’s just ramping up here.

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WATCH: Harris-Perry On How Darth Vader Is RACIST

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