RUSH: News Media Are On Their Way To Succeeding In Rewriting The Lewinsky Affair

RUSH: Lynne Cheney was on Fox last night and said that this whole Monica Lewinsky thing has been sanctioned by Hillary. Essentially that Monica will do and say whatever the Clintons want whenever they want her to do it, and that the theory is they did this now to get it out of the way. One of many things to be kicked out of the way to clear the decks for this theoretical Hillary presidential run in 2016. 

And, lo and behold, there are three columns today by three different female columnists, one of them I really like, in fact.  Andrea Peyser of the New York Post, then Mo Do, Maureen Dowd at the New York Times, and Ruth Marcus at the Washington Post.  And they’re all the same piece.  They are all the same piece.  They are all trashing the woman.  And they use the same terminology.  It’s almost like these three women got a heads-up and followed through.  I mean, if one of these women wanted to — (interruption)  A heads-up and then followed through, you know, got talking points or got a guideline memo or whatever.  I mean, it’s so close that these women could sue each other for plagiarism here. 

Every one of these columns quotes Diane Blair, some former Clinton bimbo eruption babe that helped Hillary.  She called Monica a “narcissistic Looney Tune.”  It’s in every one of these three columns, every one.  Andrea Peyser, Maureen Dowd, Ruth Marcus, they use the same talking points. They tick off Monica’s employment stops over the past 20 years.  Each one of them used the phrase from these recently released secret documents from the Hillary confidante, Diane Blair, that she was a “narcissistic Looney Tune.”

Now, look, what are the chances that all three of these independent female columnists, these women, would write essentially the same column on their own? I guess it could be possible.  But let me tell you what this is.  The news media is on its way to succeeding in rewriting the Lewinsky affair.  They’ve tried to make it sound cute. They’ve tried to make it sound puppy love cute. They’ve tried to make it sound like harmless sex, a momentary dalliance by our president, otherwise committed and donated to greatness.  But it wasn’t about that.  It was never really about that.

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