Rush: NCAA Penn State Sanctions “Is Guilt By Association For The Players”

RUSH: I’m just stuck here on the fact that they don’t want to punish the players had nothing to do with this by canceling the season. Yet they are punishing them in a way by telling them that nothing they do can result in a bowl game or a championship. Nothing they do can amount to anything other than playing football for the sake of it, which… I’m just asking a simple question and maybe somebody’s got the answer that I’m not thinking.

But I don’t know how this isn’t punishing the people that had nothing to do with it. This is guilt by association for the players that are currently playing that had nothing to do with it. Besides, to what extent…? You know, you want to vacate the victories that Paterno had. Okay. I understand that. But then, as mayor of Realville, another question emerges, and that is: Well, how did what Sandusky did help them win?

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