RUSH: ‘National Joke’ Obama Campaigning For McAuliffe

RUSH: The Obamacare rollout continues. Something amazing is going on here, too. There’s an election tomorrow in Virginia. It’s for governor. And there’s something amazing to me going on in this race. Terry McAuliffe, who is… I’m trying to think of a term that’ll avoid a slander suit. We called him The Punk here when he was the consigliore and the capo for the Clintons. I am stunned that somebody like this could possibly be elected governor.

Anyway, Obama’s in there campaigning for him. Obama has become a national joke. We have a Gallup daily poll, he’s at 40%. This is October 30 through November 2nd. Obama’s at 40%. This Obamacare rollout is embarrassing the media. It’s embarrassing Obama. It is a huge problem. There are continuing stories, we have ’em in the Stack today, continued stories about people, one in the Wall Street Journal, somebody said, “I’m not even political. I’m just somebody that’s lost my health insurance.”

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