RUSH: Media Blames Video For Violence And Looting In Ferguson

RUSH:  We have a montage Saturday and Sunday of a bunch of Drive-By Media people talking about the release of the video in St. Louis being blamed for the violence and looting in Ferguson, Missouri.

ABC ANNOUNCER: (bouncy music) Nights of looting and violence following the release of this video…

LESTER HOLT:  A piece of video becomes a new flashpoint.

ALEX PEREZ:  Anger here apparently sparked in part by the release of the surveillance video.

POPPY HARLOW:  Protesters very angry that the police there released a surveillance video.

MOLLY LINE: … violence erupting after police in Ferguson, Missouri, released surveillance video.

STEVE OSUNSAMI:  The pot boiled over Friday when the Ferguson police chief released this surveillance video.

FREDRICKA WHITFIELD:  Protesters were outraged over the release of the video.

LELAND VITTERT:  Federal authorities did not want police to release this video over concerns of further escalating the situation.

DON CHAMPION:  It escalated Friday night after Ferguson police released a video.

ANDREA MITCHEL:  There was peace, but then the local police chief released that video!

BOB SCHIEFFER:  … releasing that video, which seemed to just really inflame people.

HOWARD KURTZ:  This video of the shoplifting, it changed the storyline.

RUSH:  Why?  Would somebody tell me why?  There is a misconception out there, until the video is released.  The misconception is that a gentle giant was walking down the street, eager to start college classes, and a murderous, racist white cop came up and — for no reason, without much provocation — shot him.  And then this video gets released on Friday, and it shows that the gentle giant was not innocent.  He had shoplifted.

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