RUSH: Maxine Waters Is Like ‘Chauncey Gardiner’

RUSH: I’ve been alluding in the past couple weeks about one of the funniest things that’s happening out there, and you do have to laugh at it. It’s sad at the same time, but it’s also funny. Maxine Waters, who is… The elevator doesn’t go to the top floor. She’s an order of fries short of a Happy Meal. She’s just out there. (chuckling) Folks, I’m just trying to be as polite as I can here. And yet she has become… With Millennials on the left, she is the biggest star in the Democrat Party today. It defies explanation! I read an interview with her.

I think it was in Elle magazine, E-L-L-E. It was some women’s magazine. I wasn’t reading the magazine. The story was linked to in a blog that I was reading that was also stunned and shocked. You should have seen the hero worship. The writer of the story was just the biggest glittering jewel of and stupidity, and was singing the praises of “Auntie Maxine” as the greatest… She’s kind of like Chauncey Gardiner. You know Peter Sellers in that movie? No matter what he said, everybody thought it was genius! It’s kind of this way with Maxine.

So I thought we have some sound bites here.



[PREVIEW] RUSH: There Is No Bigger ‘ROCK STAR’ Than MAXINE WATERS Among Millennials

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