Rush Limbaugh’s “Corzine Grease Ball” Comments Leave Italian-American Group Seeking Formal Apology

An Italian-American advocacy group is slamming Rush Limbaugh for making an on-air ethnic slur in December, now demanding that the conservative talk show host issue an apology. Read More @ HuffPo

Via Rush Limbaugh: Well, no, not to me because I know he’s not, so he doesn’t look more honest. The rule of thumb for television is that curly hair is bad. I know. I was in TV. I haven’t been burdened with the problem of curly hair. Corzine has curly hair. Corzine’s the kind of guy that never has to wash it; you can’t tell the difference when he does. He never has to brush it or comb it, you can’t tell the difference when he does. That’s why this stands out. I mean, he’s got Italian grease ball, whatever, sixteen. He’s lathered it on there; he’s slicked it back. He’s probably got a souped’up ’57 Chevy outside waiting for him to drive him away.

Audio From Dec 8, 2011:

Corzine Goes Greasy

HT John Celock @ HuffPo

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