Rush Limbaugh Wonders If Bill Clinton Will Face The Same Fate As ‘The Rosenbergs’

RUSH: I do have a trivia question. The Russians, Soviet Union. Does anybody in this audience know how the Soviets got the nuclear bomb? Anybody? Snerdley, do you know? How did the Soviet Union get the nuclear bomb? Do you have any idea? (interruption) They didn’t steal anything from us. They did get the know-how, the technology from us, but they didn’t steal anything. It was Ethel and Julius Rosenberg who gave it to them, the spies. I don’t expect the Millennials or even the Gen X-ers to know this.

But the Rosenbergs — husband and wife, Julia and Ethel Rosenberg — they were spies — literally gave the Russians the material, the tech on how to build nuclear weapons. Do you know what we did to the Rosenbergs? We executed them. They were spies. We executed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. To this day, American leftists are outraged over this, but we did it. Now, how did the North Koreans get nuclear weapons?

The Bill Clinton administration is how they got nuclear weapons. They snookered us. They promised diplomacy and negotiation. All they would do is ramp up their nuclear power plants. It’s the same thing Iran did with Obama. They end up nuking up behind our backs while we supposedly weren’t noticing. I don’t think that Clinton will face the same fate as the Rosenbergs, but that’s what we used to do to spies who gave away American secrets.


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