Rush Limbaugh Tells The REAL Story Of How Bill Clinton Met Hillary

RUSH:  Okay.  Millennials. Millennial women in particular.  I’m gonna give you people time to spread the word to them. Tell ’em I really want ’em to tune in during the next five minutes or so. I’m gonna tell ’em the real story of how Bill met Hillary.  I’m gonna tell the real story of how Bill and Hillary ended up as they are.  I don’t know how they met.  I think I have a pretty good idea, but how they met’s not the deal.  Going to Illinois, that’s… None of that’s important.  None of that’s important.

I want these Millennial women to hear it. It’ll probably tick them off. You tell them it’s gonna take a lot courage. If you know a Millennial female, call ’em and say, “Turn on Limbaugh. It may be painful, but you have to hear it.” Telling them, “It may be painful,” may actually entice them to tune in.


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