Rush Limbaugh Talks About Attending Vince Flynn Funeral

Rush Limbaugh makes a correction “Vince Flynn’s father LIVES”

RUSH: It was all embodied yesterday from nine o’clock to two o’clock, five hours, including the reception afterwards. So it was a treat to meet all these people and to experience the uplifting nature of their personalities. So just a brief moment here to thank them for it and to offer again our sympathies and condolences — and, once again, to tell everybody that Vince Flynn’s father lives. He’s robust; he’s still alive. I got that wrong, and as I say, I’m trying to figure out who told me he’d passed away.

It was in a group. We were talking after we’d all learned that Vince had come down with prostate cancer. There’s the group of us sitting around one of these golf weekends and somebody said, “Well, you know,” blah, blah, blah, blah. And it just survived, and nobody ever corrected me or anybody else when we were talking about in the past year, until yesterday. When somebody said, “I want to introduce you to Vince’s father…” (laughing) I wish you coulda seen the look on my face. (laughing)

We got to the family at the visitation line, and someone says, “I want to introduce you to Vince’s father.”

I said, “Oh, no.”

And then I musta had ten people say, “I didn’t tell you! I’m not the one who told you!” Everybody was saying, “Don’t look at me!”

So, at the end of the day, I’m just gonna say I made it up and get everybody else off the hook.

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Rush Limbaugh Remembers Vince Flynn 1966-2013

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