Rush Limbaugh Shares Story About His Meeting With President Trump At Mar-A-Lago

RUSH: Let me share a story with you. I met with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago in February. So he’d been in office about a month. It was for an hour. Went over there on a Saturday. They invite… Reince Priebus called and said, “The president wants to see you.” So I went over there, and it was about an hour, and we toured Mar-a-Lago, and it was funny. There was a big charity event at Mar-a-Lago that night, the Red Cross ball. It’s the biggest charity event of the season here. It’s the event where people spend $3 million to make $1 million. It’s just crazy.

But all of the early arrivals were showing up, and there were pockets of people all throughout Mar-a-Lago, including military people who were going to be guests that day. Every group of people we stopped, Trump points at me. “Greatest man in America, smartest man in America, most powerful man in America,” and these people look around. They can’t believe Trump is stopping and talking to them. They start applauding. You know, I kind of… I bow my head and try to, you know, refuse the compliment and so forth.

But then we got to where we were gonna go to talk, and I’m just telling you, you know, I’m asking him questions about things that are happening at that moment. There’s no indecision about anything, and he never once asked me what I thought. He never asked me once what he thought I ought to do. He never asked me what I think of this or that. My impression is this man is more self-informed and decisive than…

Well, look at it this way. He’s as decisive as anybody I’ve never met. I just don’t see him running around asking various people in his inner circle, “What do you think I ought to do here?” I think he knows what he wants to do, and he seeks support for it or talks to people that oppose him and he may listen to them. But I don’t think he’s indecisive at all.

CALLER: Well, that’s good to know. Yeah, you’ve reassured me quite a bit. I appreciate it. Thank you.

RUSH: Well, it’s just my opinion. You know, I’m not an intimate of Donald Trump, but I have great instincts about people, and I have fairly good skill at sizing people up, and it’s not phony. There are easy spot phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ rollers. You can tell when somebody’s talking to you and not really hearing you. I’ve been around powerful people ask me what I think about things, and I can tell they’re not really listening.

They just asked, you know, to ask, try to score points that way. Trump listens. But you don’t get the impression that he’s listening from a position of indecisiveness, indecision or confusion. I’ve never met anybody with the energy this guy’s got, either. But that’s just… That’s a side note.


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