Rush Limbaugh Remembers 9/11


RUSH: It is also 9/11, the anniversary of 9/11, and I’ve been watching it on television today. I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but be stirred and profoundly moved.  I think like everybody, I was remembering where I was, which happened to be in the air.  I had taken off around eight o’clock for Omaha.  It was the last Warren Buffett Charity Golf Tournament.  It was my second or third year to be invited to play in it.

I was, at the time, experiencing very severe hearing loss, and I had not yet lost enough hearing that would permit me to qualify for cochlear implant surgery, so I was getting by with hearing aids.  They just weren’t doing the trick.  I was able to hear noise, but I wasn’t able to comprehend speech very well.  So I guess about an hour, hour and a half into the flight, the pilot comes back and says, “The World Trade Center has been hit, and we have to set down.

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