Rush Limbaugh Pushes For ‘Fatherhood Awareness Month’ In The NFL

RUSH: Okay, it’s Mort from Keokuk, not Dubuque. I got ’em confused. He said, “Rush in light of the Adrian Peterson baby mama realizations, there are other NFL players such as Antonio Cromartie, who…” Remember that? On an HBO episode of Hard Knocks he couldn’t name all eight of his children. So Mort says, “Look, this is an obvious program in the NFL and perhaps throughout the culture.

“So maybe the NFL, following Breast Cancer Awareness Month, could do Fatherhood Awareness Month in November, and would come up with a color that every player on every team wears. It could be light blue, whatever color you would associate with fatherhood, and then have the symbol not be a colored felon, but a punctured or broken condom. You’d actually have that logo made of a broken condom, and you have it sewn on the jerseys, complete with the color.

“Then we’re tackling the problem the way our society does: We go at it in a purely symbolic way.” He said, “Rush, it’s waiting to happen. It’s ideal for you to make reality.” Now, Mort says he doesn’t mind my mentioning his name. It’s his e-mail. But we’re interested in helping. It may be time for this. It may be time for this. I mean, obviously this is happening, and we can continue reporting the stories, and everybody can feel bad, feel sorry and, “Oh, my God, how could this be happening?”

But what’s needed now is action.

We could get any number of people as spokesmen for this. But you may not even need that. Fatherhood Awareness Month, every November. Think of the attention you could get in the Thanksgiving Day games. There are massive audiences on the Thanksgiving Day games. So I just wanted to put the idea out there for the NFL, ’cause we’re trying to help — and coming on the heels of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s a natural.

Fatherhood Awareness Month in the NFL! I’ll bet the NBA might be into it, and maybe Major League Baseball. (interruption) Who? Somebody just told me in the NBA there’s somebody with 11 kids? He’s retired. All right. He has 11 baby mamas. Okay. Clearly something needs to be done here, clearly. Consciousness raising, awareness needs to take place, and they’re showing us the way with Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the NFL.

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