Rush Limbaugh Proposes ‘Gun Diversity Lottery’

RUSH: What if we went out and found people who didn’t want guns and gave them guns? We just do a lottery. We’ll call it diversity lottery, gun diversity lottery. We get hold of people who don’t want a gun, haven’t ever tried to get one, and we give them one, to try to show them the virtues, to try to welcome them into the club and the universe of gun ownership.

And then we turn ’em loose. We turn ’em loose in America, we call it the Diversity of Gun Ownership Program. Do you think the left would like that? What do you think, Mr. Snerdley? Would the left like that? The Diversity Gun Ownership Program. We reach out to people who don’t have guns and don’t want guns and we give them one. In fact, we deliver the gun to them. What kind do you want, AK, AR-15, Glock 19? What do you want? We’ll bring it to you.

We take it to ’em and we leave. We turn ’em loose. I ask you, what’s the difference? You think that kind of diversity would be appreciated? You think that kind of diversity program be applauded? You think they would politically attack that diversity program? Hell, yes, they would with their heart and souls. Exactly right.


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