Rush Limbaugh Proposes A Reality TV Show: “LOCKED & LOADED WITH MATT LAUER”

RUSH: I was reading the Vanity Fair piece, which is quite descriptive on some of the things that Matt Lauer was doing to these women. Did you know that he had a button underneath his desk that he could press and lock the door to his office?

Now, why would one have that? I mean, he didn’t have to get up, he didn’t have to leave the desk in order to go up and lock the door. He had a button there. It could have been twofold. It could have been to keep women from leaving, but more than likely it was to keep people from walking in and interrupting what was happening in there. Now, the reason he didn’t want to get up to have to go close and lock the door is because of what he would have had to interrupt taking place to do that. So if there is some kind of sexual activity going on while Matt Lauer is sitting in his chair just reach under the desk and lock the door and you’re done.

So my idea, because I know Matt Lauer wants to be back on TV, and I know that NBC wants him back on TV at some point. The Drive-Bys really do need that to happen. I’m just trying to offer a helpful suggestion. A reality TV show hosted by Matt Lauer called Locked and Loaded. It would be half dating game and half Survivor and would be filmed entirely in his office. Locked and Loaded with Matt Lauer. It would be reality TV. Got that door lock button underneath the desk. Think of the possibilities here, folks.


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