Rush Limbaugh Plays Montage Of Hillary As A Purveyor Of FAKE NEWS

RUSH: We put together a little montage of Hillary Clinton as a purveyor of fake news herself.

HILLARY (1/27/1998): The great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it, is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband.

HILLARY (6/9/2014): We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt.

HILLARY (4/23/1994): I did not know that Vince had any of the documents related to our personal business in his office until after his death.

HILLARY (9/13/2012): This video is disgusting and reprehensible. It appears to have a deeply cynical purpose, to denigrate a great religion and to provoke rage.

HILLARY (3/10/2015): I thought using one device would be simpler.

HILLARY (6/14/1994): …1975, I decided that I was very interested in having some experience in serving in some capacity in the military. And he finally said to me… He said, “You’re too old. You can’t see. And you’re a woman.”

HILLARY (3/17/2008): I remember landing under sniper fire.

HILLARY (1/27/1998): And to my husband. I mean, you know, he woke me up Wednesday morning and said, “You’re not going to believe this, but,” and I said, “What is this?”

RUSH:  That’s just a brief montage of the fake news that Hillary Clinton has been responsible for herself.  So every one of those is a lie!  Every one of those little montage ingredients is fake news, not to mention the story she tells about being named after the mountaineer, Sir Edmund Hillary, first man to climb Mt. Everest.  The only problem with that is that when he was born, nobody’d ever heard of him.  He didn’t climb Mt. Everest ’til six years after she was born!


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