Rush Limbaugh Has Jumped The Shark

Could this be Rush Limbaugh’s allie?

RUSH: Now, let me just tell you.  Ha-ha-ha-ha.  Folks, I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with it or not, but the left is just beside themselves, as you know, that I have not conformed and joined the crowd and conventional wisdom in praising Stephen Colbert for going over to the Letterman show.  And there are even pieces: Well, this is obviously the indication we’ve all been looking for that Limbaugh has jumped the shark.  For Limbaugh to make a big deal out of this proves he’s losing it, and we are on the downside.

They’re saying that. They’re saying that I’m just mad and contrarian and I’m just trying to get my audience all jacked up typically the way I do by saying things just to be different.  And of course this is why I love you all.  You know that I don’t do that.  You know that everything I tell you is rooted in what I really believe.  And you know a number of other things, too.  That’s this unbreakable bond that we have here.  I adore it, and I’m in constant awe of it. 

Well, it turns out that I have an ally now.  Another big-time media figure has joined in.  And I’m debating whether or not to play the sound bite and tell you who.  (laughing) I know, well… (interruption)  I’ll stop there.  To go further would be too inside baseball and it would not be interesting to you.  But suffice it to say I’ll ponder whether or not to share this.  Some of you may already know, depending on how widely diverse your viewing habits are on television. 

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