Rush Limbaugh Explains Trump’s ‘Sniffing’ Problem At Debate

RUSH: Trump got beat up for this last night, for having the sniffles.  He didn’t have the sniffles last night.  Because I am a highly trained broadcast specialist who understands the technology here.  That’s how Trump was breathing.  They have positioned the mic — I don’t know — not charging anything here, but his mic was positioned in such a way that you were able to hear him inhale.

He was breathing through his nose because it’s more polite to do that than to open your mouth wide and then breathe.  And you can hear when people do that, too.  If you listen to radio — a broadcast professional knows when to breathe and how to breathe and you can hear it.  It’s like stage spit.  Do you know what stage spit is?  Stage spit is the sign of a highly professional live performer.  I first bore witness to this, interestingly enough, when I was attending the Super Bowl in San Diego.

It was the Super Bowl about the Broncos and the Redskins where the Redskins just wiped ’em out.  Doug Williams was the quarterback for the Redskins and Timmy Smith, the unheard of running back, had 135 yards or whatever. The Broncos scored first.  This is the episode I had my first flyover. Sitting in the end zone, the planes coming out, I went bonkers when I saw it.  The night before there was a concert, Frank Sinatra and Liza Minnelli, and Liza Minnelli was spitting all over the place.  And I said, “What the hell is this?”  I was positioned, the lighting, where I could see it.

And I talked to somebody and they said, “Oh, that’s stage spit.  That means she’s really doing well.”  It has to do with projection and voice control and you have to get rid of the saliva in your mouth.  And you can’t spit when you’re performing, you have to find a way to get rid of it as you’re singing, and it comes out — it’s the same thing with breathing.  You will hear on an audio-only commercial when you listen to radio, you’ll hear somebody go “uhh” real quick, take a real deep breath in the middle of it. And if they have compression on you’ll hear that really pumped up and sound as loud as somebody’s voice is what compression does.

Trump last night was breathing through his nose which of course is gonna sound like a sniffle. (interruption) Yes, I did stage spit all the time in the Rush to Excellence tour.  You have to know how to do that.  You have to be able to, shall we say, project the saliva.  You can’t sit there and swallow all night in the middle of a performance.  Sinatra was stage spitting, too.  It’s not glaring.  I mean, it’s not actually spitting.  The saliva comes out of your mouth as you’re singing.

And it’s the same thing with what Trump was doing last night inhaling.  He was inhaling through his nose and you could just hearing it like you can hear it when I do it there.  (interruption) What did Howard Dean say?   Hm-hm.  Are you kidding?  Are you kidding?  Howard Dean speculated that Trump might be blowing coke?  You ever wonder why you didn’t hear Hillary breathe?  What are you gonna say, ’cause she’s a reptile and doesn’t breathe through her mouth?  What are you gonna say?  No, no, no.  You didn’t hear her breathe, did you?  Wonder why.  Wonder why.


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