Rush Limbaugh Enjoys Watching CNN ‘Dig Their Own Graves’ With ‘SHAM’ Russia Collusion Story

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RUSH: Now, grab sound bite number 1. CNN is breathless again. They think — and they’re like a parody. They don’t even understand. They think they’ve got Trump. Now they think they’ve got him again this WikiLeaks business that the Trump campaign was “offered” WikiLeaks documents. Here’s Wolf Blitzer this afternoon setting this all up…

WOLF: Hello, I’m Wolf Blitzer! It’s one p.m. here in Washington, eight p.m. in Jerusalem, nine p.m. in Moscow. Wherever you’re watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. On the defense, he’s been called a coffee boy, dismissed by the president and his campaign. But just in! The fiancee of the, uh, former adviser pleaded guilty to lying is now speaking to CNN about why they’re wrong. Also, a CNN exclusive. A newly discovered email shows an effort to give the Trump campaign hacked documents from WikiLeaks. Did the president know?

RUSH: So what if he did? So what if he did? They weren’t false! You guys are the ones trafficking in phony, made-up opposition research and treating it as though it was legitimate intel.


RUSH: David Gregory followed Wolf Blitzer on CNN. “This proves collusion! This proves collusion! The Russians or somebody offered the Trump campaign the WikiLeaks documents!” Collusion? I’m enjoying watching these people dig their own graves, especially they don’t know what’s happening. They think they are triumphing here.


RUSH: Julian Assange is exactly right. This is another Brian Ross moment. CNN either made it up or just got the date wrong because they get up every day hoping and praying that day is the day they prove President Trump colluded with Putin. Do not pooh-pooh that. That’s their reason for getting out of bed every day.

That’s what drives them — and by now? Folks, they can’t drop the Russian collusion story because 80% of their audience is there for it. All of these insane liberals all over America watching Colbert, watching MSNBC, watching CNN? They have to be fed this. They can’t accept that this guy Trump actually outsmarted them and beat them. So it has to be that he cheated with the Russians. So these leftist news networks have to feed that audience, that beast, this lie each and every day.

And now they’ve gotten caught up in it to the point they believe it. It’s gone beyond the fact that they know they’re pushing a sham. It has now swallowed them, and they’ve become part of it. This is a major, major journalistic error that they’re gonna try to sweep over and ignore. They got the date wrong because they thought they had Trump nailed on collusion, and what they did was actually overlook the fact that the data being offered was already on WikiLeaks. There was nothing secret, premature, early, private about it.


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