Rush Limbaugh Dreams Of Being Anonymous

RUSH: If there’s one thing I could have back that I’ve lost in life, it’s anonymity.  I would love to be anonymous, I can’t tell you.  But of course it’s impossible.  I’m on the radio.  My chosen profession, I have to wave anonymity good-bye.  I mean, it’s senseless to even dream about it.  It’s simply not possible.  But it doesn’t mean that I can and do dream about it.  But it’s not because I want to post stuff.  It’s not because I want to say things without anybody knowing.  I want my name attached to what I say, ’cause I’m proud of what I say.  I love hearing myself say what I say.  I’m proud of what I think.  I believe it, and I want everybody to hear it.  But there are times where I’d like anonymous, not because I don’t want people to know what I’m saying, but for other reasons.  It’s not possible.

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