Rush Limbaugh Does Impromptu Interview With SCOTT BAIO: “I WILL NOT ABANDON TRUMP”

SCOTT: Sorry. Sorry. I’m in Hollywood so it’s the same thing. Sorry about that.

RUSH: You’re in Hollywood?

SCOTT: Yeah.

RUSH: Okay. Let me see the Scotts I know in Hollywood just off the top of my head. Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott.

SCOTT: No. I don’t know you. I know people you know.

RUSH: I know but try names.

SCOTT: I’ll give you my last name if you want.


SCOTT: Baio.

RUSH: You are Scott Baio?

SCOTT: I am.

RUSH: Well, it’s an honor to meet you. I’m happy that you’re in the audience. It’s great that you’ve called.

SCOTT: I’ve been in the audience every day, I’m a huge fan, and I’m dying to play golf with you, Rush.

RUSH: Well, where do you play out there?

SCOTT: I have a local course out here where I play. I could play wherever.

RUSH: All right. Well —

SCOTT: I’m in the West Valley in the San Fernando Valley.

RUSH: San Fernando. Okay, look, when we finish here if you stay on line, if you give an email address to Mr. Snerdley —

RUSH: — next time I’m out there, we’ll play. I’d absolutely love that. Now, look, your premise is right on the money. But, see, identifying Ryan, I know a lot of people think this. I think it’s bigger than that, though. I think it’s the entire establishment. Not just Ryan. He probably personifies it ’cause he’s speaker. But I think it’s the entire Washington establishment that is against Trump. There’s no excuse for this. We won everything; the Democrats can’t stop us. If they were really desirous of implementing tax cuts, they could be working on it right now.

SCOTT: What frustrates me — and pardon the expression, but — power, I think, trump everything for those people. So if they want the power, what people voted for was his agenda. And, you know, you can have your own personal feelings about anybody’s agenda, but at a certain point, I want to keep my power that gave it to me.

RUSH: That’s the point. They don’t think Trump had anything to do with them winning. They thing their donors made that poss. Hang on, Scott. Let me get back with you when we get back from the break.


RUSH: How much time — or how much patience are you going to give Trump before you start questioning things? I mean, he could do that today, could do it tomorrow. He could do it in his CPAC speech tomorrow if he really wanted to. He could do it any time. And I think when you said what you said, I think a lot of people in the audience were probably standing up and cheering in agreement with you. So but if he doesn’t do it next week, next month, I mean, how long does Trump have to do this before you start losing support for Trump?

SCOTT: Well, I have this theory about Trump. I will give him eight years if he does nothing, because I don’t want the other side doing anything. I don’t want liberals getting any more of their agenda through because I think they’re killing the country.

RUSH: Amen. Right on.

SCOTT: So if he does eight years of absolutely nothing, I’m okay.

RUSH: So you are not gonna abandon Trump no matter?

SCOTT: I will not abandon Trump. Absolutely not.

RUSH: Hubba-hubba. Okay.

SCOTT: I believe in him!

RUSH: Hubba-hubba.

SCOTT: I believe in him a hundred percent.

RUSH: I think his supporters are the same.

SCOTT: Yeah, I do, too. But I want the other people that are hurting that still voted for Hillary to see what conservative ideas do, and how they help, and how they make the country strong and safe.


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