Rush Limbaugh Calls For INVESTIGATION Into Oscars ‘Best Picture’ Debacle

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RUSH: So was the Oscar election stolen last night? I mean, really, who won? How do we really know? I mean, with so much fake out there now, and you can’t count on polling data, and you can’t count on election results. I mean, just listen to what the Democrats say. I mean, they told us first that La La Land won, and then they said, no, no, Moonlight won. And there’s rampant confusion everywhere.

And I would like to be the first to call for an investigation and an independent special prosecutor to look — they had millions of people around the world watching last night. Can you imagine if you are a La La Land fan, can you imagine what they did to you last night? You had everything invested in La La Land winning. It was gonna dominate your spirit and feelings of Hollywood and entertainment for the next year. And the cast shows up almost like Hillary showing up to do her acceptance speech and then somebody from an accountant firm pops up and says Warren Beatty blew it.

And how did Warren Beatty blow it? Well, I will explain that when we get to it. So then they had to take the La La Land cast — by the way, I didn’t see any of this as it happened. Somebody help me out, when they finally said that, no, the election was actually stolen by Moonlight, when the Moonlight gang came up there, did the La La Land cast and crew leave?

So both candidates in effect were on stage as both were announced as having won the Best Picture Oscar. Were they hugging each other? I mean, was the La La Land crew, the actors and producers, after having that Oscar taken away from them on live TV, did they smile about it? Was there good cheer? Was there understanding? Was there tolerance? And did they welcome the Moonlight crew to the stage? Did they stand up there together, or was it a cluster?

You saw it. I didn’t. Nobody in there saw it? Oh, we’re all flying blind here. Well, I’ll have to research this and find out. I’ve seen some still shots of Jimmy Kimmel looking clueless, but that’s not unusual. It’s hard to get much from the still shots. But let’s talk about the picture that they tell us won. How do we really know? How do we really know who won the Best Picture award? They’re telling us it’s Moonlight. Has anybody seen it?



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