RUSH: Left Hoping Sequester Would Cause The Pain Obama Is Now Trying To Cause With Shutdown

RUSH: The Democrats are now making an end run at the last moment demanding that in any deal that reopens the government, the sequester be done away with. Those were ostensibly real spending cuts. They actually were nothing more than reductions in the rate of growth, but they were real. They were real, and they did not cause massive damage. It did not cause a massive panic. The left was hoping that the sequester would cause the pain that Obama is now trying to cause with the shutdown, but it didn’t on its own.

Now they’re trying to get the sequester taken out of this, and the Republicans are holding firm on it. Because of that, the whole town is panicked now that we might actually not raise the debt limit. The guy in the LA Times, Horsey, said, “Sure, political entertainers like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have built very lucrative careers by bashing government day in and day out. But, in their pampered lives, they have never had to see crops wither in a drought or farmland swamped by a flood or a herd of cattle perish in a snowstorm.”

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