RUSH: Kids Aren’t Being Raised To Be Independent Today — By Design

RUSH:  Let me cut to the chase.  Here’s one of the simplest ways of illustrating the differences.  My parents raised me to be independent.  I remember I couldn’t wait to leave home.  I wanted to be on my own.  I wanted to be responsible for myself.  I wanted to be my boss, my own boss.  I did not want to be dependent on anybody.  I didn’t want anybody having that power over me.  But the difference today is that the Democrat Party,  the American left is raising their own kids, and they want all kids to be raised dependent on them, dependent on the state.  That’s from where they derive their electoral power, is everybody being dependent on them, on the government or what have you.  And so these kids are raised being taught about the beauties of the state and the wonderment of government and the fairness and the equality of all of it. 

At the same time, they are raised being warned of all of the meanness and the unfairness and the inequality and the extremism that’s out there.  And you’ve gotta be careful, ’cause everybody wants to harm you and damage you and take advantage of you and relegate you to insignificance.  And that’s the difference.  Kids aren’t being raised to be independent today — by design and on purpose, by liberals, anyway. 

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