RUSH: Kerry Gaffe Is All About ‘Yanking Obama Out Of A Mess. A HUGE One.’

RUSH: Anyway, the State Department started walking it back. “Nah, it was just a rhetorical exercise. Secretary Kerry really didn’t mean it. It was a goof.” So the media said it was a goof, but Assad and Putin said, “We accept it! We want it!” They raise their hands. “We accept it! We accept it!”  So Assad, who claims he didn’t even use them, has given them up.  The rebels, who others are saying with credibility also used them, are not giving them up.  So let’s say…

It’s a good week for this to happen here. This is all about making Obama look good, folks.  You have to understand this.  It’s not about anything else, and the way this has transpired proves it and the way the media is covering it proves it.  It’s all about yanking Obama out of a mess, a huge one.  But now his address to the nation tonight is gonna be totally different than what he was gonna go out and try to prepare everybody for a strike, and then Kerry…

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RUSH: John Kerry Gaffe Has Become The Official Policy Of The US In Syria

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