RUSH: Jimmy Kimmel Has Become The Late Night Connection For Chuck Schumer

RUSH: The worst thing that happened to Jimmy Kimmel, you know, his ratings are down 30%, ever since he started this health care business on his kid. The reason why is because he’s become — you know who’s feeding him all it is stuff is Chuck Schumer’s office.

He has become the late-night connection for the Senate Democrat leader, Chuck Schumer. That’s who provides Kimmel his talking points and his opinions and the way to talk about health care as it relates to his son with the heart defect. And, of course, this is very, very cheap when you take somebody who doesn’t know anything about health care and they get a sick child and then the emotion that is involved in taking the child to the hospital, getting treatment, hoping the child lives, when that becomes, that one emotional experience — This is why legislation is not written during times of emotion. This is why trials are not involved. Everything is done too avoid emotion.

Emotion clouds everything. One case, one person, one family’s experience cannot define, cannot establish policy for a national system of health care. But that’s what’s happened. Kimmel’s example has become, by design, the Democrat Party saw it, they made a connection — I’m not making it up. Schumer’s office, maybe others, provide Kimmel his talking points. And since they thought it went so well with health care, now they’re feeding Kimmel the same on net neutrality.

Kimmel doesn’t know anything about net neutrality and probably in the normal course of things doesn’t care about it. But he’s been made to care about it, and his experience with all the attention he got, which was very positive and heartwarming with the example of his sick child, has propelled him now to a new area, and he’s no longer a late-night comedian; he’s much, much more.

And it just ought to tell you something, that when a guy goes from supporting Obamacare to supporting climate change to supporting net neutrality, it ought to tell you the issues don’t matter. There’s one thing that glues all of these things together. And it is the growth of government. It is the idea that nobody can live their life the proper way without government telling them what they can and can’t do.


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