RUSH: It’s Perfectly Fine To Exaggerate And Lie About Global Warming

RUSH: By the way, our buddy Marc Morano, former “our man in Washington” from Rush The TV Show, he’s got a website in Climate Depot where he chronicles all of the leftist propaganda on this issue and apparently two accredited, concomitant climate scientists have come out and said that it’s perfectly fine to exaggerate and lie about global warming impacts in order to get people’s attention and money. 

It’s perfectly the fine to make it up, perfectly fine to exaggerate.  It’s entirely within the bounds of propriety to really, really hype things to get people’s attention and get their money.  Do you realize, folks, the left… I don’t care where you find them, global warming movement, militant feminist, militant gays. Do you realize there literally is no moral foundation propping them up? 

The whole notion of right and wrong, truth or fact versus lies and BS is irrelevant.

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