RUSH: It’s No Wonder Ashley Judd’s A MESS! Because Of ‘Fellow Democrat ABUSER’ Harvey Weinstein

RUSH: Everybody knew, folks. They could have stopped it decades ago. How many people are complicit here? It’s no wonder Ashley Judd’s a mess. It is no wonder. It’s because of Harvey Weinstein. A fellow Democrat abused her. She was abused as a child by one of her mother’s boyfriends. She was abused by an older man who lived in her town. She’s almost as cheated on and abused as Hillary Clinton is. No, not quite, Hillary still holds the record there, but, for crying out loud. This kind of explains a little bit why Ashley Judd has this visceral reaction that she has to Trump because of what she thinks Trump is.

Trump can’t hold a candle to any of this. None of us can. There was a tweet from one of the Hollywood actresses, Brooklyn Decker, and this makes some sense. She says we condemn Trump saying, you know, where he grabs women, the Hollywood, the NBC Access Hollywood video, we condemn that and we condone Harvey Weinstein? That’s exactly right. Remember how they all went ape excrement over the Access Hollywood video, and now they’re all trying to cover for Harvey. They’re saying this is unacceptable, but they’re still scared of the guy, they’re still trying to find ways to accommodate this, not hold him to account.

And Lisa Bloom, the daughter of Gloria Allred who routinely appears with lines and lines of serially abused women suing somebody, Lisa Bloom is having one of her books adapted by Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein’s adapting her book and putting it on film.

Don’t you just love this? The daughter of Gloria Allred, in an attempt to help Hillary be elected, represented, dug out, and told ’em what to say in front of cameras numerous women who said that Trump had harassed them, all cases that went nowhere. Now her daughter, also harassment attorney, is supporting Harvey, who has well documented settlements of harassments going on 30 years.

Meanwhile, Jay Z, the husband of Beyonce, and Harvey are producing Lisa Bloom’s series on Trayvon Martin! What a cluster! Let’s go to the audio sound bites. This morning Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos interviewing Lisa Bloom, Harvey’s lawyer. “Did he sexually harass women?”

BLOOM: Harvey has acknowledged, yes, that there was misconduct over a period of years. He has certainly a very bad temper, and that’s a big part of the problem. He’s well-known for that. He’s a big, loud guy. People are intimidated by him.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Ashley Judd says she went for a business meeting, said he proposed a massage, asked if she would watch him shower. Is she lying?

BLOOM: No. No. I have great respect for Ashley Judd, and so does Harvey. I’m glad they come forward. I encourage them to come forward. Harvey has authorized me to say that. I mean, this is a very different day. What do you do if you have behaved badly for 30 years? Are you going to continue or are you going to start, you know, a different approach? That’s what he’s doing.

RUSH: This is unreal! Anybody else they would be trying to ruin! They would be trying to ruin them with lawsuits, they would be trying to ruin their careers, instead praising their late arrival to maturity. Yeah, he was a pig and everybody knew at the, yeah, he’s gross, and everybody knew it, yeah, he hit on Ashley, everybody knew it. But you know what, what do you do if you behave badly for 30 years?

You bash the NRA and you bash Wayne LaPierre and you tell everybody you’re not gonna stop until Wayne LaPierre is in the grave or some such thing. And then you get a woman, the daughter of another woman, two sexual harassment lawyers who participate in trying to ruin men, falsely or accurately accused of it, now coming to Harvey’s defense. And what do they do in defending? Admit that Harvey’s a reprobate, admit that Harvey’s a pig. But Harvey knows it now, and Harvey is trying to reform. A beautiful thing.



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